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Frequently Asked Questions:

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document has been prepared by Stafford Medical Group to answer questions patients may have about the changes at Stafford Place Surgery.


  1. What is happening at my GP practice?

Two retired partners from Stafford Medical Group have given notice on the lease of the Stafford Place branch site as they wish to take back control of the building. To support this, the practice submitted a Branch Surgery Closure application and has concluded a period of consultation. This request has been agreed by the Primary Care Commissioning Committee and the Stafford Place branch site will close on 27th November 2020.



  1. Will I have access to the same services at Locking Castle as I did at Stafford Place?

All Stafford Medical Group patients are registered from the Locking Castle site. Since March 2020, all face to face clinical activity has also been provided from Locking Castle. Patients will have access to the same services as they did at Stafford Place and can see the same clinicians. In addition Locking Castle offers Improved Access and Extended Hours appointments outside of normal opening hours.



  1. What does it mean for staff at Stafford Place?

Since March 2020, all practice staff have been based at the Locking Castle site. There have been no changes in staff members aside from the retirement of one of the GP partners.



  1. How do I access Locking Castle Surgery?

Patients are able to access the practice by telephone on 01934 524 260; via the website where they can access an on-line consultation; by the AskmyGP App, or they can visit the surgery in person.



  1. Is there parking at Locking Castle? 

There are a small number of disabled parking spaces at Locking Castle with plentiful parking at the retail park adjacent to the surgery.



  1. What will happen to my patient record?

All Stafford Medical Group patient records are managed from the Locking Castle site so there will be no change.



  1. Have you engaged with patients on the changes?

A comprehensive Patient and Public Involvement Assessment has been undertaken with an engagement and communication plan put in place by the Practice. A formal consultation process was run from 10 August 2020 until 28 September 2020. The time frame was deemed to be proportionate and scaleable to the size of the project and the in recognition of likely impact on people currently accessing the branch surgery for primary care services. The practice Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been fully involved and has acted as a reference group for the consultation process. Two virtual public facing meetings were  offered to people together with an online survey, which has been communicated widely to registered patients and the local wider public and stakeholders.



  1. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please telephone the practice on 01934 524 260 where a member of staff can help

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